The basis of R&D studies is the importance it attaches to quality and society. Uzer Pharma product and raw material development studies; is carried out with great seriousness and care in the R & D center established and approved within the body.

A development-oriented R&D center has been established, which can evaluate technical solutions that can meet the needs of societies, with a stable and development-oriented management approach, a scientific and a logic that does not give up on tradition.

Thanks to the studies in the R&D center, our company has taken its place at the top of the world and Turkish OTC markets with the products that it produces in its own facilities and that have the necessary licenses.

Our company continues on its way resolutely to maintain its position at the top of the list of production licenses for the highest number of products in Turkey. Our company aims to produce quality formulas and products by conducting effective raw material research in the R&D center which established in a 1200 square meter clean room with a total area of 3000 square meters.